Vom Überleben als männliche Lesbe im kapitalistischen Feminat

Part 1 of the series: There is no such thing as rape. Debunking the “rape” myth.

(This translation is the first article of a series of articles to be translated from German. Forgive me the insertion of wordy notes that are not present in the German source. I deemed them necessary in order to be specific and to explain some peculiarities, or rather eccentricities stretching most sane peoples‘ imagination, of feminist ideology in the German language sphere, which an English speaking audience probably is not acquainted with. If your first language is English and you want to help to translate or polish a text, I would appreciate your help. Just write a comment or send me a mail.)

I have argued in a few articles (in German, to be translated) that „rape“ of women by men is a myth. Here I summarize the objections against the reality of „rape“ and the clues which suggest that „rape“ is a myth.

  1. A so called „rapist“ does not originate any violence. He prepares and initiates sex and acts determinedly. Violence is neither his means nor his end.

  2. In the case of a violent „rape“ the woman causes all the violence. The woman is the first to use violence. Thereby she risks to provoke the man to defend himself.

  3. Sex and „rape“ are identical. Even radical feminists share this view. A women fabricates a case of „rape“ by fantasizing or hallucinating it, by dreaming it up or asserting it. As the expressions sex and rape are synonymous, it must remain obscure what idea rape is actually meant to express. It is certain, though, that it is a pejorative expression which, when lodged before the representatives of the feminarchy, triggers the planned destruction of a man’s life.

  4. Since „rape“ and sex are absolutely the same, every woman is free to suspect men capriciously. There are no objective criteria to deduce „rape“. Any aspects of the entire variety of sexual behavior, e.g. a caress, can be labeled as „rape“. Still, a „rape“ is always „worse than death“.

  5. Sex and „rape“ being identical, a man has no way to identify a „rape“ or to avoid „raping“ a woman effectively. Therefore, women alone are accountable for „rape“. Only women concoct incidents of „rape“. „Rape“ is a thoughtcrime, brought into the world by women thinking about sex while turning to the violence and power of the feminarchy. (Note that it is not thoughts of the incriminated man which constitute the crime but the belief of the female accuser that something was „rape“. One might call this kind of crime, which is to my knowledge unparalleled in reality or fiction, an inverse thoughtcrime.)

  6. „Rape“ is a weapon of the feminarchy. The feminarchy invented it and every woman may use it by invoking her power to define. (German: Definitionsmacht; The Definitionsmacht is a popular claim among German speaking feminists. It means that „victims“ of „sexual violence“ – what a fanciful oxymoron! – have (or should have) the right to define what „sexual violence“ is. If one’s thinking is constrained by logic, one would encounter the difficulty to find a proper „victim“ without a definition of what constitutes being a victim. This way of defining „victim“ is circular and its results are necessarily vacuous. It comes in handy to assume, as is customary in feminism, that all women and only women are „victims“. Dogma saves the day for the mentally deficient and slanderous women. So, again, even by feminist standards there is no such thing as „rape“. There can’t be. It is logically impossible.) The feminarchy managed to put the „rape“ weapon into every woman’s arsenal. Every woman is a potential rapist and, by the power to define, only women are able to rape.

  7. In the judicial treatment of „rape“ due process is abolished:

    1. As objective signs of „rape“ cannot exist, any story told by a woman is regarded as an unquestionably „true“ testimony despite the fact that logically it cannot be true. By mere telling a fictional story to representatives of the feminarchy a women gives the „crime“ a fictitious reality. It is made real just by a woman stating that it is real. This ploy is feminist power over and through the discourse par excellence. (German: Diskursmacht; usually lamented by feminists complaining that the „patriarchy“ allegedly defines the usage of words; related to Definitionsmacht)

    2. The female originator and beneficiary of a „rape“ is regarded undoubtedly and eternally as the victim, the incriminated man is regarded undoubtedly and eternally as the perpetrator. Everything about a „case“ is predefined. Only the punishment needs to be determined.

    3. The assumption of innocence of the defendant is not valid in „rape“ cases. The burden of proof lies on the defendant. The plaintiff does not need to present any evidence. On the contrary, the defendant is required to proof his innocence. Since there cannot be any evidence for or against „rape“ – „rape“ is female fantasy – the outcome of legal proceedings is certain.

  8. „Rape“ accusations against men can serve as means of extortion for women. The implicit threat to be accused of „rape“, which men are taught by their upbringing or by feminist propaganda, is generally sufficient. Women use this threat to achieve the transfer of protection money from men to women. Often the only difference between „rape“ and sex in the female mind is 10 euros. As long as a whore=woman commands a lucrative income of her suitors, she won’t dispose of them by „rape“. If a suitor does not pay her to her satisfaction – only the woman defines which price is high enough – she will fabricate an incident of „rape“. Generally, „rape“ is nothing but sex too cheap. Nowadays, sex can be perceived as too cheap by a whore very easily. For the accusation of „rape“ does not cost her anything but earns her much attention, high „victim“ status, and compassion. If she refrains from accusing too often, her threat of extortion could lose credibility and, in consequence, she could fail to secure a lot of protection money.

The blog Frauenhaus (women’s shelter) published an article (in German) refuting the „rape“ myth extensively.

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